Prudence Heisler, OTR/L

Spots 11/19/10Prudence Heisler trained as an occupational therapist at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia in 1972. Following her graduation, she worked for 5 years in adolescent mental health settings. Following this, pursing her interest, she moved to New York City and completed a 3-year certification program at the then Institute for Sociotherapy, in group psychotherapy, sociodrama, sociometry and action methods.

Once back in Australia, she continued her work in mental health settings. However, returned to New York City in 1981 with her husband. Prudence also received a master’s degree in organizational psychology at Columbia University. Graduating in 1985.

Following, she worked and taught at New York University Occupational Therapy Department, during which time pursued her interest in pediatrics. Training in many different pediatric frames of reference and intervention practices. The initial seed, inspiration and decision to create a pediatric sensory motor-based clinic with longtime colleague and friend, Paula McCreedy occurred during this time. S.P.O.T.S was created and established in 1998.

Prudence now continues to spend her time at the Brooklyn office. In addition to her work as a clinician, evaluator and educator at SPOTS, she provides consultation services to many preschool and school programs, professional development workshops in New York City and provides consultation to internationally to both school and pediatric practices.

Prudence believes that learning never ends and the privilege and constant awe of learning through the brilliance of children is a daily constancy.

Prudence can be contacted at: