Harley, P.A.W.S*

20427_Spots_00455Harley, rescued from New Iberia, Louisiana, joined the SPOTS team at 9 months of age. She completed her puppy socialization class with promise of a great temperament for Therapy Dog Training School. As the song goes, her story sad to tell, she now a teen agene’er do well. Therapy School Drop Out through no fault of her own. No graduation day for her, she dedicated herself to completing years of on-the-job training. The boys from the handwriting group thought so much of her they submitted her story to the ASPA’s search for “hero dogs”. Again , no award, but she received a certificate from the ASPA as an emerging hero. She displays her certificate proudly at the SPOTS Brooklyn office, which is decorated by children with many art projects in her likeness.

*Puppy Assisted Wellness Services