Harley, P.A.W.S*

20427_Spots_00455Harley, P.A.W.S. (puppy assisted wellness services), retired from SPOTS due to COVID-19 restrictions, She served happily and enthusiastically from 2010-2020 whenever called on to provide comfort, companionship and support as requested. She enjoys her retirement in the country side of Old Lyme, Connecticut. Harley has made many canine buddies and vermin enemies in her new community. Harley thinks of the children at SPOTS with fondness and her firm belief in their resilience to establish success in every goal they set out to achieve.

As the song goes, her story sad to tell, she now a teen agene’er do well. Therapy School Drop Out through no fault of her own. No graduation day for her, she dedicated herself to completing years of on-the-job training. The boys from the handwriting group thought so much of her they submitted her story to the ASPA’s search for “hero dogs”. Again , no award, but she received a certificate from the ASPA as an emerging hero. She displays her certificate proudly at the SPOTS Brooklyn office, which is decorated by children with many art projects in her likeness.

*Puppy Assisted Wellness Services