Common Signs of Sensory Processing Disorders

Examples of the difficulties that parents call about include but are not limited to:

  1. Poor Performance in School Related Tasks and Fine Motor Skills
    • Poor handwriting
    • Appears weak/tires easily
    • Difficulty with daily transitions
    • Difficulty attending and focusing
    • Poor social skills
  2. Poor Performance at Home and In Other Settings
    • Clumsy and awkward in motor tasks
    • Poor play skills
    • Unable to effectively organize daily routines
  3. Sensory Discrimination and Sensory-Based Challenges
    • Over or under-sensitive to movement, touch, smell, taste, sights, sounds or other sensations
    • Difficulty listening to and following verbal directions and displaying sings of auditory processing challenges
    • Sleeping and eating problems
    • Poor emotional adjustment (i.e. disruptive behavioral patterns)