An occupational therapy evaluation is essential in helping to understand your child’s needs and to develop an intervention plan based on specific findings relevant to your child.

At SPOTS we use:

  • Standardized Tests (not limited to the Sensory Integration Praxis Test “SIPT”)
  • Criterion referenced sensory motor analysis
  • Clinical Observations
  • Interviews with parents, professionals and the child
  • Information from teachers, coaches, physicians and others who know the child
Occupational Therapy
  1. Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Evaluation:
    • Visual motor assessment, motor proficiency and motor functioning, gross motor skills, fine motor skills assessments.
    • Sensory profile and teacher sensory analysis (interviewing and testing)
    • Clinical observations, parent conference
  2. Occupational Therapy Re- Evaluation/ Testing : (for previous evaluations of three years or less)
  3. Handwriting Evaluation/ Testing
  4. Social Skills Group Initial Evaluative Session

** What to do on the day of the evaluation.

Physical Therapy Evaluation
  1. Comprehensive physical therapy evaluation
    • Posture, balance, endurance, coordination, muscle strength, mobility, flexibility assessment
  2. Gait evaluation
  3. Evaluation for orthotic referral
  4. Core function and physical skill assessment
Speech and Language Pathology Evaluation
  1. Speech
    • Articulation and oral motor
  2. Language
    • Vocabulary
    • Sentence formation
    • Pragmatics